Amazing! Larry

Recorded sometime during the summer of 2001, on a Saturday afternoon, was what is now known as the "Amazing! Larry: Excrement of a Bovine" album. A year later the "Amazing! Larry: Eskimo Soup" album was made, which was a one-hour long sound collage similar to Donut and Vitamin.

"At the time I was listening to a lot of artsy and experimental music like the Flying Lizards and The Residents, and that sort of thing. And I knew a lot of kids that had been in these little bands for a while, and they were all recording their stuff in studios, thinking they were all about to be bigtime and stuff. And I was kind of like, ok, whatever, I can do that too. So I recorded what I called the "Excrement of a Bovine" album, which was basically just a bunch of sound experiments, and sound collages with a couple of short little instrumental pieces scattered about, and then passed copies around to a few people I knew. And a couple weeks later, I'd meet some friends of a friend, or go to a party or something, and people would ask me about my cd and compliment me on it. It was really wierd because I thought of it exactly as what I had named it, which was just a fancy way of saying bullshit." -Westley Edens

Excrement of a Bovine (2001)
*Download the Full Album*

1. Thing 1 / (Download)
2. Donut (aka: What the Hell's Going On? part 1) / (Download)
3. Aggressive Passive-Aggressive Manic-Depressive / (Download)
4. Mutant Seahorse / (Download)
5. Thing 2 / (Download)
6. Hubbub / (Download)
7. Turtles / (Download)
8. Aquadung / (Download)
9. Developing Blastula / (Download)
10. Hartbreaker / (Download)
11. Vitamins (aka: What the Hell's Going On? part 2) / (Download)
12. Hermit / (Download)
13. Plants are Red / (Download)
14. Special Seahorse / (Download)

Eskimo Soup (2002)

Untitled Video/Sound Collage