Radioset: History

Radioset is a self-produced, minimalist rock band from Raleigh, NC. Radioset officially formed in 2004, though elements of some songs can be traced back to as early as 1998. The band was formed from the remnants of the previous incarnations of Spayed Yuppie, Amazing Larry!, Pink Rattle, The Sherrysa-Whore, and Polymer Bloom. Originally it was just two members, Wes Edens(guitar/vox) and Evann Lamb(drums). A Bass player was added during the last couple months as Polymer Bloom in mid-2005. Being opposed to the over-production techniques that "professional studios" use to make songs sound prettier, all of Radioset's songs are recorded in a home studio. When the original lineup as three-piece fell apart, due to schedule differences, Wes continued to record new material under the name Radioset, playing live with temporary members. Much of the post '06 material are recorded with minimal takes, piece-by-piece, giving Radioset's songs their unique, raw sound.