Mechanically Separated Meat Product

She said I don't know what to wear
Either way it doesn't matter here or there
She said my mistake after all
Anyway and then out you crawl
Go away you stupid jerk
Because I know that i know
I would be your enemy
You're no good anyway

Some other kind

She said I don't know what to do
He said something weird look at you
Behave for there are rules
Stupid kids always digging in my yard
Now I'm here in the way, coming through
But they don't care, we've come to see the animals
These days I wouldn't mind another room
But I don't particularily mind

Some other kind
At some other time

I don't know what to do
They said always, always
It isn't here, so I wouldn't mind going
See you there and walk away
I'm scared and I wanna go
I've tried but couldn't find my way home
So I am here and I know they know
Why I'm here

Some other kind
Another kind
Some other time
Some other kind