Nicotine Fit

Take this and throw it away
I can't speak I'd rather not say
I'm wasting down the drain
I can't wait till I feel the same

Sit on my hands
Sit on my legs
Sit on my head
Rip out my veins
Eat out my heart
Cut off my legs
Tear of my hands
Pick off my face

I can't sleep so I'll never die
Come shave me so I can get high
I can't eat so why do I try
I'm half dead so I'm still alive

Under my skin
Into my brain
Peel off my nails
Scratch off my face
Eat out my heart
Chew off my legs

I don't know why I do it to me
There's nothing like chemical needs
I'm waiting till I can breathe
Will someone help me please

Out of sight out of my mind
Here's something that isn't mine
Won't you come waste my time
I don't know and don't know why

cut off my tounge
Breaking my legs
Pull off my arms
Rip out my brain
Tear off my hands
Peel off my face
Suck out my lungs
Stare into space
I'll push it on you