A million ways and all the same
But they can't get into my brain
No vacancy they leave it alone
It makes me sick now I do it for fun
Crawled an inch for a hundred miles
Upside down so that I can smile
It makes me seem to be like every other ape

Spent my time as an alien
Until I learned how to walk like them
Bought into their latest ternds
It makes me sick so I do it again
Another time in another place
Time will come to leave the human race
No need for me to be like any other ape

No feeling
For any other ape

No future
No ideals
No motivation
It's a drag
No opinion
It's no big deal
A new opinion
But no other feelings
For any other ape

Just beyond the truth I see
Fiction of reality
Thrown into an alternate state
It makes me sick that I have to wait
In this form for another day
Indifferent eyes on a different face
To make me seem to be like every other ape