Pleasantries and Other Such Things

if itís not a bother and if i may impose
if it comes in spring and if itís not too old
making time for nature so i saved the best for last
if it comes in green and if or not it fits
so pardon my excuses but itís all i have left

excuse me but if i may
sorry but iím still awake
pardon me but i must say
pleasantries and other such things

sorry for the bother, sorry to impose
making conversation and other certain prose
so glad that you made it now itís time that you left
in a manner of speaking as a matter of fact
and now we know and now we show

pardon me but if i may
i know the sound i make
excuse me if thatís ok
pleasantries and other such things

improvised in idle time
stop and go sunday drive
writing out another line
angel spit on simple mind
victimized and sodomized
nothing more just in time
candlelight is burning bright
stop and go sunday drive

such things nothing
such things not me
something nothing
such things nothing
nothing for me
such things nothing
something for me
nothing not me
not me