Retro Space Age Future Station

come on kids and spark it up it's time to go away and lose, and lose
spectrographic light arrangement i maintain the pace i do what i do

i can't think of nothing so i'm talking to myself about you, all about you
everybody needs somebody and everybody needs someone like you, like you

retro space-age super vision futures here today i use what i use
come inside or go away but i could never stay to choose, and chew

i can't see above it so i stand up on all fours
using innovation as i scurry to the door from you, from you

i can't think of nothing cause i'm up in outer space
come back in a century, destroy the human race with you, waiting on you.

dancing with the sea creatures until the morning light
dirty up the surface just to do it out of spite for you, for you

like a politician as i wipe it off my face
retro space age super highway come and take my place with you