Spoiler Monkey

she donít need, she donít need you
shit on me, shit on you too
donít believe, it might be true
she donít eat, she wonít need food

i wish i could say that i was top of the hill
but iím scared of the dark and iím out of pills
like a paraplegic crawling run of the mill
so leave me alone barely until

feed off me, iíll be your host
they can see anatomy ghost
science beach, fantasy cove
in the sea, energy gold

happy on my belly crawling out of a tube
and thereís no place like home, dirty and used
i may never get all the respect that iím due
but iíve got a spoiler monkey so iím better than you
i was so anemic that iím covered in blue
but iím doing just fine and i blame it on you
special breed appliance parking thoroughly chewed
sheís a disease, slightly abused

and new
nothing new
something new
nothing new
i needed something new