Teen Beat

teen beat
just a mindless twit with nothing to prove
wasting all your time to try to be cool
everybody tells you to get a job
even though you're working so very hard

at a teen beat
as a real creep
a neo cheat
teen beat

never really cared for his company
just another cog in society
hangs out on the street like a neer-do-well
never goes to school but never can fail

as a teen beat
like a real creep
a dead beat
teen beat

another mindless twit with nowhere to go
doesn't have a brain but he'll never know
always has to follow the latest trends
then he's going to get what's coming to him
another teen beat

teen beat
real creap
teen beat

teen beat is the one for us
teen beat you're so dangerous
teen beat is so fabulous
teen beat number one for us
teen beat knows just what to do
teen beat trys hard to be cool
teen beat you're so dangerous
teen beat is a major bust