Song Meanings

It's about making little to no progress. I prefer analogue over digital technology for some reason.
A portrait of words.
Autonome Gnome
Like Whack-a-mole, but different.
Our version of one of those generic, obnoxious, "songs" that you hear those "hardcore" punk bands play. It's just a really crappy song that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Brown Towel
A collection of stuff and nonsense.
Bubble Unit
About bad days in general.
Bubble unit part 2.
An introspective examination of my life.
Everyone's against you when you're an alien.
I used to think my parent's house was haunted. But, now I know it's just cursed.
I practically lived underground in a basement for most of my life.
Grendel King
Things from a devil's advocate point of view.
Goes Swimmingly
I could come up with a list of metaphors with some sort of deep meaning, but I'm not going to. It's about swimming.
I hate this song. It was recorded to test out a new mult-track recorder, and then included on ii as throwaway filler, when it should have just been thrown away.
Catalog of anti-social behavior.
You suck.
Lost At Home
It's what happens when you're a hermit.
Another of the Addams Family inspired songs, that have nothing to do with the character it's named after.
Mechanically Seperated Meat Product
A friend of mine said this would be a cool name for a metal band. I don't really like metal, but I thought it would make a good song title. I think it's about anti-social relationships.
Why do today what you can do tomorrow?
Note: The music for this song was written around 1998, and originally had intentionally unintelligable lyrics of made-up words.
New York Simon Underground
An anti-party song.
Nicotine Fit
I quit smoking for a couple years once. Then again a few years later. Then again, and again, and again...
On the Fritz
The sound of things falling apart
Pink Rattle
Pigs and Monkeys.
Pleasantries and Other Such Things
A shopping list of politeness.
It's actually about quarks - the subatomic particles that make up the protons and neutrons of atoms. Science is fun.
Retro Space Age Future Vision
The 20th century vision of the 21st century is way cooler than the 21st century has turned out so far.
This song was originally written around 1996, and was mostly instrumental. Spage
A song of animals and man.
Spoiler Monkey
Rain on your parade.
Spratt's Medium
There's two types of people who never have much to say - quiet people and people who talk all the time.
A poor attempt at a melodramatic song.
Terrapin Drop
There's a lot of stupid people in the world, and they're breeding way too much. I blame society.
It's about something, but I don't know what.
A mish-mash of random lines of poetry.
Twin Bees
Sort of like porcupine syndrome, but different...or indifferent.
You always want what you can't have...
Yr. Gun
I really hate the mentality of macho, toughguy, meat-heads.