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The fourth album is coming out soon - it's just waiting on one final mix, and cover art. But, for now here's a few songs from it:
Paper Drip
Pink Rattle
They can also be found in the Media Vault.

Lyrics have been added for Patience Thinner, Buzzkill, and Shaved + Tame.

The lyrics have been updated with Paper Drip, Pink Rattle, Plastic Ono, Retro SpaceAge Future Vision, and Spastic Fantastic.

Happy 4/20! The ivy demos have all been collected together into a single file, for your convenience, here:

ivy demos (zip file)

The rest of the ivy demos have been added. The whole of them should be up together in a zip later this today or tomorrow:
Pink Rattle
Spastic Fantastic

A few more of the ivy demos have been added:
Plastic Ono
(Instrumental Jam)
After Hours (Velvet Underground cover)
Patience Thinner

This month there's a lot of new demos that are going to be put up, and they're being called the ivy demos. And here's a couple of them:
Paper Drip
Paper Drip (ver2)
Retro Space Age Future Station
Grendel King

So, there's now a Radioset blog, where you can read about random stuff. The new album has just started to get worked on as well. It's aimed for a fall release. But before that comes out, there's going to be another compilation album of older Polymer Bloom live and demos that's going to be released. Probably sometime around April.

Hope everyone had a merry christmas. Here's some boring acoustic crap:
Untitled Improv 1 (grendelking)?
(Pink Rattle)?
Untitled Improv 2
Spastic Fantastic (acoustic)

A new sub-section has been added to the miscellaneous page that features a list of meanings for some songs.

A few rough samples of some more new stuff and some throwaways:
Untitled 3
Untitled 5
Pablo Picasso
Shaved+Tame (demo 2)
Over To You (rough demo)

Happy Halloween! Here's some all new audio treats:
Untitled 1(clip)
Untitled 2
Pablo Picasso (clip)
Shaved+Tame (demo)
And here's some new older tricks:
Instrumental and Brown Towel (2004)
Terrapin Drop (solo)
Terrapin Drop (spring '05 demo)
Ghost (home demo - 2003)

Just in time for Halloween, is a new sound+video collage from musical frankenstein, Amazing Larry!, the first in years. Check it out here. And a bunch of archive Polymer Bloom material has recently turned up on some old audio cassettes too. Trying to get it all sorted out and IDed, but expect to see it here!

The new video for Lurch has been added to the Video Vault.

We've been taking a bit of a break, but here's a quick update so you know we're not dead or anything. There's a new video in the works that should be out by the end of this month. And there's some new material in the works to. Hopefully some demos of which'll be up sometime soon.

The new album, "iii", is now available for your downloading pleasure! Get it in the Discography section.

Song/Album downloads and the discography have been merged into the Downloads/Discography page.

Lyrics have been updated.

Here's a new one, and a lesser new one - Goes Swimmingly and another version of Wednesday have been added in the media vault.

The entire Amazing! Larry sound experiment from 2001 is now available! It's a little weird, since it was meant to be mostly an art type thing, but you can read all about it there if you want to.

Autonome Gnome has been re-added since the other version was the wrong copy. And, heres some random poop from the archives - Complex-C

Two new songs, Nocturnal Emissionary and Peabody (aka: St.Valentine's Day Massacre) are now up...You know where to find them.

It's about time for a new video...Ghost is in the video vault.

The lyrics have been updated, with TwinBee and Mechanically Seperated Meat Product.

There's a new song called Twin Bees that's been added to the media vault.

Ghost has been added to the media section. It was supposed to have been released on Halloween last year....oops. A little tidbit on it, there's a really rough untitled lofi version of it which was recorded about 6 or 7 years ago out there somewhere.

It's Wednesday. Another new song's been added. And it's called Wednesday. There's also an alternate version that sounds rather Tom Waits-ish as well.

There's a new cover version of In Heaven (Everything is Fine) from the film Eraserhead, and a new old song, Autonome Gnome, in the media vault.

A bunch of older stuff's up for grabs on the media page.

It's been a while, but there's some new stuff...You can check out the full length version of Lurch and an acoustic version of New York Simon Underground. They're also in the media vault.

The lyrics page is working again.