Past Shows

(the list is still incomplete...)


02.03.05: The Berkeley Cafe - Raleigh, NC
Electric Funeral (jam) / Inst. Op. (instrumental version of Autonome Gnome) / Lost At Home/ Glass Hole (Fester) /Yr. Gun / Momawnadon /untitled (??Spratt's Medium??) / Seed / Leer / Brown Towel / No Wax / Bubble Unit / Air Cut / untitled (??Lilac Stray??) / ???

02.07.05: The Brewery - Raleigh, NC
Inst. Op (Autonome Gnome) / Glasshole (Fester) / Yr. Gun / Momawnadon / Seed

04.23.05: Bickett Gallery - Raleigh, NC
Glass Hole (Fester) / Yr. Gun / Bubble Unit / Seed / Hubbub / Leer / (Addams Family theme) / Poptart (aka: Spratt's Medium) / Lost At Home

- Notes: Wes broke a string during the first 5 seconds of the opening jam. Due to the multitude of sound and equipment problems the show was cut short.

05.15.05: Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC
Inst. Op (cut) / Glass Hole (aka: Fester) / Yr. Gun / Bubble Unit / Seed / Hubbub / Leer / Momawnadon / Poptart (Spratt's Medium) / Lost At Home

- Notes: "We hadn't practiced in weeks, and almost cancelled the show. We barely made it there and didn't have any time to do a soundcheck, and then found out that we hadn't brought any cords. Finally found one, and started playing for a crowd of 5 people. Three of them left halway through the second song. The first song was stopped after discovering the guitar was severely out of tune."..."The worst show I've ever played."
A poorly mixed soundboard recording of this show exists.

05.29.05: The Cave - Chapel Hill, NC
1st set: Inst Op. (Autonome Gnome) / Fester / Yr. Gun / Momawnadon / Hubbub / Bubble Unit / Leer / Seed
2nd set: untitled (?Lilac Stray?) / Lost At Home / Spratt's Medium / Bubble Unit

- Notes: Last show with Evan, and as Polymer Bloom.

08.17.05: NC State University - Raleigh, NC
This early show would have featured a bass player, making it the first performance as a threepiece, but it was canceled because the drummer couldn't be there. Manvoice was planned to have been debuted at this show.




07.19.11: Sadlacks - Raleigh, NC
1st set: Thing / Pink Rattle / On the Fritz

- Notes: This show was acoustic. After the 3 Radioset songs, Wes played drums for a friend's songs.