WE Productions is an independant music studio based in Raleigh, NC. In addition to Radioset's music, WEP is also produces "low-budget" short films. The first, Curse of the Chicken Fucker was released in 2011. A short stop-motion feature, titled "Goofy's Revenge", is currently in development, and is expected to be released at some point after 2015.

Curse of the Chicken Fucker
Synopsis: A deranged man sexually assaults a chicken, and is transformed into a hideous mutant bird that kills people.

Part 1:

Curse of the Chicken Fucker Soundtrack (2010)
*Download Full Album*

1. Boots / (Download)
2. Chicken Room / (Download)
3. Zip/Pet / (Download)
4. Chicken Rape / (Download)
5. Biscuits / (Download)
6. Feather / (Download)
7. Transforming / (Download)
8. Mutation / (Download)
9. Vacuum Attack / (Download)
10. Potatoman / (Download)
11. Moustache Battle / (Download)
12. Closing Credits (Boots v2) / (Download)